BigLogic® IT Managed Services

BigLogic® IT Managed Services from Advance Communications & Consulting, Inc. is for those who are looking for a proactive service solution for their IT support needs. BigLogic® can act as a complete
off site IT department or as an overlay to your IT team to assist in monitoring, maintenance and
infrastructure management such as: Network, WAN, Server, Virtual Server/Desktop, Storage and
more. We have the ability to service one workstation at one location to hundreds of workstations and
servers at multiple locations. Our services are scalable, cost effective and current with today’s technology.

• Expedited Service Requests through Remote Access
• Single Source of Professional Expertise
• Streamlined System Management
• Reliable
• Secure
• Consistent
• Increased Productivity
• Cost Management and Control
• Enhanced Performance
• Managed Expansion and Growth

Product Features:
• Remote Access
• Site Assessment and Inventory
• Proactive Service
• Management and Status Reporting
• Best Practices Driven
• Automated and Reliable

It’s like having your own IT Department!