Access Control

The common mechanical lock and key has limitations such as, the person with that key can enter through the door on any day and at any time. Also, a mechanical lock cannot record who and when a person entered the building and the key can easily be copied or transferred to an unauthorized person. If a mechanical key is lost, stolen or the person no longer has authorization, the lock must be re-keyed.

With Access Control, many of the limitations of mechanical locks and keys are overcome. A building or facility can manage who, where and when a person is authorized to access an area with a computer management system of a credential-based admission, such as with a card or fingerprint. Whether you are considering a conversion from mechanical key entry system to an access control system or needing to upgrade your current access control system, call on Advance Communications & Consulting, Inc. Our team of experienced technicians can recommend, design and install a solution.


  • Computer managed system
  • Credential-based admission
  • Access or attempted access is recorded
  • Not easily duplicated
  • Easily replaced if lost or stolen
  • Fingerprint access models available

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